Historical NBA ASPM (and Hall Rating) Released

At long last, historical Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus and VORP has been released! The permanent page is located at http://godismyjudgeok.com/DStats/aspm-and-vorp/historical-nba-aspm/. Reminder: the full statistical derivation for Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus and Value over Replacement Player is available for critique. In addition, this visualization is including Hall Rating, a new stat modeled after the Hall of Stats’ approach … [Read more…]

NCAA Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus Released

Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus (ASPM) is now available for NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball! ASPM was originally derived for the NBA, but the weights found for each event, as well as the methods for adjusting for opposition, should be equally valid for college basketball. The full Tableau visualization will be permanently located at http://godismyjudgeok.com/DStats/aspm-and-vorp/ncaa-advanced-statistical-plus-minus-and-vorp/, under the … [Read more…]