1. Ben

    Great lists – would be interesting to break down by offense and defense.

    Also, Durant really stands out as one that doesn’t fit my intuition. I remember his rookie +- was really terrible. I wonder what would happen if that season was just wiped from the record.

    • DanielM

      I could certainly break it down by offense and defense, though PER is not a measure of defense at all.

      Since this is “average”, everything is effectively weighted by minutes played. In his first season or two, KD was a bit of a chucker on offense–he has certainly improved his efficiency and defense a lot.

      • Ben

        I was thinking more of using OWS and DWS rather than WS and PER, or even offensive and defensive versions of SPM.

        I would guess that some of Durant’s improvement got captured by Westbrook and Harden in the adjusted plus-minus stats since it coincided with their arrival.

  2. travis

    i always thought great defense was underated. example, jared jeffries was a core member of their rotation. he had to back up stoudamire and chandler, and with all the knicks scores and shooters he dosen’t need the ball to make a difference. every team needs guys like these.

  3. Daniel

    I’m super late replying here, but have you considered looking into players rated by a crowd(e.g., the ESPN top 500 panel rankings) and looking for overrated/underrated players/ Player types? You could use either player rank or the player score they get(Average player rating). I’d expect it to be OK for offense and miss on the high DRAPM guys.

  4. Andri

    Not only interesting, but also a necessary analysis.

    It would be great seeing the correlation between RAPM and contracts, as a measure of real under or overrating with consequencea.

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