Historical NBA ASPM (and Hall Rating) Released

At long last, historical Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus and VORP has been released! The permanent page is located at http://godismyjudgeok.com/DStats/aspm-and-vorp/historical-nba-aspm/. Reminder: the full statistical derivation for Advanced Statistical Plus/Minus and Value over Replacement Player is available for critique.

In addition, this visualization is including Hall Rating, a new stat modeled after the Hall of Stats’ approach for baseball. It is calculated as
(Value over Replacement Player) + x*(Value over Average)
where x is calculated such that the overall sum of VORP is equal to the overall sum of x*VOA. For all calculations, the minimum VOA is taken to be 0. This stat gives a good overall perspective on a player’s overall quality as a player, while not penalizing those who hung on to long.

Incidentally, Michael Jordan is the best player of all time (well, at least since 1974), by a huge margin. I never would have guessed that!

LeBron has his sights set on #2, and has already reached #4.

Usability note: to link a specific view of this dashboard, click on the linked chain icon at the bottom of the viz next to the envelope icon.

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  1. Lion

    That’s a great Job,now it would be great if you could do the exact same thing only for the playoffs. Can you do the same thing only for the playoffs?

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