1. Crow

    To be clear, what is “AWS/48” mentioned in the chart? WS48 or something else?

    What are the distributions of traditional position labels assigned to players for each cluster?

  2. AC

    I’m not sure, and I can’t even find it on the chart. Tough game today, but its been even tougher watching the DT comments devolve into stupid arguments and extremism. I don’t know about you guys (Crow and Daniel), but its getting pretty overwhelming at times, and I worry one of my favorite places on the internet is fast declining.

    • DanielM

      AWS/48 was used as a generic all-in-one stat for the K-Means clustering “example players”.

      I avoid Daily Thunder during games. And yes, the quality of commenting has declined. Royce has hinted at some sort of additional moderation of the comments, but it’s really hard to deal with negativity and backbiting.

  3. Crow

    More options are usually better.

    If you found an Adjusted +/- dataset you were comfortable to add that would be another good option to have.

    I thought it was probably Alternative Win Score per 48 minutes but prefer to be sure and not everyone else would necessarily know it.

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