1. Greyberger

    What strikes me on the chart is how Rondo, Nash and Chris Paul are so distinct from the rest of the class in their usage and ast% habits.

    • DanielM

      I have him classified as a “combo guard” since that’s what BasketballValue has him as. This chart only has players listed as pure points.

      Eventually I’ll fill in all the other positions!

  2. AC

    Let me know what you think of using google motion charts. My not-very-involved opinion is that they are fun for playing with, but are kind of a pain considering they don’t add much information. More of a tool to use when exploring data than something that adds new data. I’m trying R for some DT posts in the pipeline, but its a little obscure in the documentation. They tell you WHAT everything is, but rarely have I found a simple explanation of HOW to do something.

    • DanielM

      Yeah, R is tough to learn. I really haven’t gotten into it so far, though I’m looking into learning more.

      Google motion charts are the only chart setup I have seen that can show 4 or even 5 dimensions of data simultaneously. It’s exceptionally good as an interactive charting tool, and quite easy to implement on a website, if you can inject the required code into the header. On my newest charts, I’m pulling the data directly from a Google Spreadsheet, rather than embedding it in the header–thus cleaning up the html considerably.

      I like them a lot.

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