• DanielM

      What part of Howard’s value is on defense vs. offense? And for the other 2? I’m obviously hamstrung on defense by only using steals, rebounds, and blocks plus a team defense adjustment.

      • EvanZ

        Here it is broken down into O100, D100, and REB100:

        Howard: 0.29 3.88 3.09
        James: 4.10 3.30 -0.42
        Paul: 6.71 0.01 0.04

        • DanielM

          How come James is negative on rebounding but Paul is neutral? I always thought James was an excellent rebounder for his position.

        • Yeah, to follow up on greyberger’s point LeBron’s ORR (with respect to counterpart) is about 20%. Compare that to Melo (the top-rated SF rebounder according to ezPM) who has a 33.5% ORR. Melo’s DRR is 85% compared to LeBron’s 75%. Melo’s REB100 is +1.72.

  1. Ben

    I really love the Contract and Value stuff in your spreadsheet.

    There seems to be something strange with Ben Gordon’s and Gilbert Arenas’ minutes estimates though.

    • DanielM

      For Arenas, he has two separate records (1 for Orlando, 1 for Washington). I’ll see if I can spot what’s going on with Gordon.

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