• DanielM

      It is an Excel spreadsheet; Google docs couldn’t handle the file (too complex) other than to host it. You’ll have to download it and use Excel to open it.

        • DanielM

          For season-level stats, use the “Update Data” button on the “Rosters” tab, after selecting the year in the box directly below the button.

          For the box score/single game analysis, there are two ways to select games. First, there is the drop down “Game” selection box, where you can select any game from the 10-11 season. After selecting the game, click the “Download Game Data”.

          If you want to do a game from a previous year, you must clear out the “game” selection box and use the “Home”, “Date”, and “Playoff” boxes above to put in the game’s data, before pressing the “Download Game Data” button.

          Note: for years before 2010-11, several of the features of the spreadsheet don’t work–contracts don’t match, and the projections are not for that year (I only did projections before the 2010-11 season).

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