1. Ben

    These are great. How much effect do the rest days have on your ratings?

    It would be neat to see a study that looked at the best exponent for prediction. Any preliminary study/intuition for why you think 1.5 would be better?

      • Ben

        Thanks Daniel. I’m familiar with and enjoyed the thread, but I was wondering how much effect rest days had on the current ratings. That is, if you run the same model without rest days, is Miami a 9.65 rather than a 9.63 or do the schedules differ enough so that the effect is larger than that?

        I’ve liked your work on apbrmetrics and am glad to see the blog.

        • DanielM

          No, Neil is minimizing residuals^2. I’ll run the numbers for you and post, okay? I’ll update these rankings on the 13th at the latest.

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