1. Crow

    A 7-game weighted moving average which dropped weight half as sharply as the new system would appeal to me more as the middle ground between the previous version and the new one. It would weight the most recent game 7, the next 6.5, and so on to the 7th-most recent 4 and the 8th 0. Weighting the most recent game at 7 times the game about to drop off seems like a really high emphasis. The proposal I suggest for your consideration would weight the most recent game 75% more than the the game about to drop off. It that isn’t enough for your tastes you could descend to 3 instead of 4 or even 2.5 or 2 instead of all the way to 1.

  2. Greyberger

    Thanks for putting these together. I think the Utah motion chart is also very strange.

    Other events that seem to show up on the chart: Phoenix feeling the effect of their side of the trade, which was to lose whatever mojo they had. Denver suffering during the trade rumors.

    I had seen the numbers but hadn’t quite realized how much Chicago has become the defensive team of the league. When they’re playing well it’s defense defense defense for Tibs’ squad.

  3. Jerry

    RAPM had Turkoglu as the best offensive player in the league before the trade. I guess VanGundys’ defensive schemes, or DHoward, are what makes Hedo not look super terrible on defense like he did in Phoenix/Toronto

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